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SAFER Banking is "overdue," Sen. Coons says. "We have to harmonize banking laws"

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SAFER Banking is "overdue," Sen. Coons says. "We have to harmonize banking laws"

Ep. 40 — Sen. Chris Coons (5-2-2024)
Sen. Chris Coons walks alongside tram underneath the US Capitol flanked by members of the congressional press corps. Photo: Matt Laslo


Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) — Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees

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Ask a Pol asks:

Do you have thoughts on the DEA moving to reschedule marijuana?

Key Coons: 

“Look, I think it's supported by the science and experience that it doesn't have the same impacts as Class I drugs, like methamphetamine,” Sen. Coons exclusively tells Ask a Pol. “As a majority of states have moved to decriminalize or, in many cases, legalize marijuana consumption, I think it’s led to a broad-scale reexamination.”

ICYMI — Coons discusses America’s decades-long ‘war’ on substances Americans love


SAFER Banking?

“Support it,” Coons told us. “We have to harmonize banking laws so that it's not impossible to conduct regular commercial banking activity.”

Happy Memorial Day!

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), slightly edited for clarity.


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TRANSCRIPT: Sen. Chris Coons

SCENE: Sen. Chris Coons is walking between the two Senate trams on his way to the US Capitol for a vote when Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo runs into him and proceeds to accompany him to the bank of elevators underneath the Senate floor.

Matt Laslo: “Do you have thoughts on the DEA moving to reschedule marijuana?”

Two trains pass by the pair.

Chris Coons: “I don’t know the details other than it’s, I believe, rescheduling from — what is it? Class I to Class III?”

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