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We’re a small band of scrappy, well-sourced and savvy independent journalists working out of the US Capitol. We have lots of questions, so we chase US senators for a living.

They can’t hide long. Ask a Pol founder Matt Laslo's been reporting from the US Capitol since 2006 as a correspondent for WIRED, VICE, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Daily Beast, etc. Since 2016, he’s lectured at Johns Hopkins University’s MA in Government & Public Policy program, where he got his MA.

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Good political journalism isn’t about talking or tweeting a good game. It’s all about asking the right questions. And then listening — truly hearing the nation’s lawmakers above all the noise.

When the herd zigs, we zag. Political ‘news’ is now either a beauty, dunking or dumbass contest.

We mostly wait til lawmakers are away from the pack before approaching, because it’s easier to dislodge lawmakers from their carefully crafted talking points when you talk to them as if they’re a person, not merely a politician.

Ask a Pol publishes 99.9% exclusives. We dig deeper, pry harder and we’re patient.

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Matt Laslo’s a veteran congressional correspondent, adjunct new media professor and founder of Ask a Pol.

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Veteran congressional reporter WIRED, Raw Story, fmr. VICE, Rolling Stone, Playboy, et. @Prof_Laslo Johns Hopkins University
Student journalist at American University – Originally from the Bay Area.
Noah just finished their undergraduate work in journalism and technical communications and is starting a master’s degree in data journalism this fall. Noah’s covered everything from breaking news to tech, cannabis, AI, and entertainment.
Reporter, Vanity Fair | Oil painter, self taught | Made en Chile | Bilingual🇨🇱🇺🇸
Camila is a third year political science and international affairs student at Florida State University.