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Asked about David Grusch, Senate Intel Chair Mark Warner replies, "Who?"

Asked about David Grusch, Senate Intel Chair Mark Warner replies, "Who?"

Ep. 207 — Sen. Mark Warner (3-22-2024)
Sen. Mark Warner does an interview with Fox News in the basement of the Senate Russell Building on March 22, 2024. Photo: Matt Laslo

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Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) — Chair, Senate Intelligence Committee

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Ask a Pol asks:

What are your thoughts on a House member trying to hire whistleblower David Grusch to help with their ongoing UFO investigation?*

Key Warner 

“Who?” Warner replied.


Caught our ear

“I have no idea,” Senate Intel. Chair Warner exclusively told Ask a Pol of UFO whistleblower David Grusch who testified publicly before the House Oversight Committee last summer and remains the center of an ongoing, bipartisan UAP investigation in the House of Representatives.

Senate Intel. Chair Warner walks past the congressional press corps as he hops an elevator to the Senate floor. Photo: Matt Laslo

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In Ask a Pol’s Live Listening session w/ Rep. Eric Burlison (3-22-2024), he discusses how him and other Congressional UAP Caucus members are working to bring Grusch on board to help with their ongoing UAP investigations.

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), slightly edited for clarity.

TRANSCRIPT: Sen. Mark Warner

SCENE: After voting on the Senate floor, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Mark Warner and a senior aide are rushing through the basement of the Capitol to catch a tram.

Matt Laslo: “What are your thoughts on this…”

Mark Warner: “I’ve got to go to a…”

ML: “…a House member is trying to hire David Grusch on his staff?”

MW: “Who?”

ML: “A House member is trying to hire David Grusch on their staff to help them with their investigation.”

MW: “Who?”

ML: “The UAP/UFO whistleblower.”

MW: “I got no — I have no idea.”

ML: “Yeah?”

Warner gets on awaiting tram that runs from the Capitol to the Senate Office Buildings across the street.

Rando Reporter: “Will you attend a joint session if Netanyahu…”

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