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ENTIRE LIVE DISCORD — Rep. Eric Burlison LIVE & uncut w/ Ask a Pol

ENTIRE LIVE DISCORD — Rep. Eric Burlison LIVE & uncut w/ Ask a Pol

Ep. 2 — Rep. Eric Burlison on Listening to Lawmakers Live w/ Laslo, Jan. 18, 2024. An original Colman Jones production

Don’t miss this week’s live Ask a Pol Live with Lawmakers Q & A with Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) — a freshman member of Congress who’s become an unofficial leader on the Congressional UAP Caucus.

FULL INTERVIEW — Live w/ lawmakers: Laslo, Ask a Pol community Q & A with Rep. Burlison

Ask a Pol’s live Discord Thursday Jan. 18, 2024. Video: An original Colman Jones production.


Original video production of Ask a Pol’s live Discord by producer Colman Jones. Source: @colmanjones*

*follow this man! Cheers.

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