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Unlike Himes, André Carson says intrusions of US airspace “always a concern" to HPSCI

Unlike Himes, André Carson says intrusions of US airspace “always a concern" to HPSCI

Ep. 253 — Rep. André Carson (6-26-2024)
Ginger heads to the US Capitol after getting pet by Rep. Carson (& Laslo….). Photo: Matt Laslo


Rep. André Carson (D-IN) — Member, House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI)

LISTEN: Laslo & Carson


Ask a Pol asks:

Did you attend the most recent AARO [All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office] briefing?

Key Carson: 

“No, I missed it,” Rep. André Carson exclusively tells Ask a Pol.*

*we’re pretty sure Carson was talking about missing the last SCIF briefing AARO gave the Congressional UAP Caucus back on April 17, 2024. So now we’re curious whether Himes got a solo AARO briefing or one with HPSCI Chair Mike Turner

ICYMI — Ask a Pol’s exclusive w/ top Dem on HPSCI

Caught our ear on hearings: 

“I’m not in a position to do it,” Carson says. 



Is the House Intelligence Committee investigating intrusions over US airspace?

“Always a concern, my brother,” Carson tells us. “National security is paramount, you know that.”

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Matt Laslo’s a veteran congressional correspondent, new media prof. & founder of Ask a Pol — a new, people-powered press corps.

Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Rep. André Carson (D-IN), slightly edited for clarity.


*Student? Lost your gig? Hard times? Been there. Got you. No questions asked. Just ping us.

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TRANSCRIPT: Rep. André Carson

SCENE: Rep. Carson’s leaving the US Capitol after voting when Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo — and a cute puppy named Ginger — run into him.

Matt Laslo: “Look at this young man. How ya living?”

André Carson: “My man, what’s up brother?” 

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ML: “Hey, were you at that recent AARO [All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office] briefing?”

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AC: “No, I missed it I had — I was at Intel.”

ML: “Oh yeah?”

AC: “Yeah, I was at Intel.”

ML: “Cause they — cause Himes told me that he got an AARO briefing…”

Cute Puppy Alert!

AC: “Hey buddy, going for a walk? Hey!”

Ginger’s mama: “Ginger, say ‘Hi.’”

AC: “Hey Ginger, gimme a paw. Ginger, gimme a paw. Gimme a paw. Sit, sit, sit. Oh good giving a paw. Oh, Ginger.”

G-Mama: “She’s hungry.”

AC: “I know.”

Both laugh.

G-Mama: “Have a good one.”

AC: “Alright, see you.”

ML: “Do you have any questions remaining?”

AC: “Oh well — no. Not yet, not yet.”

ICYMI — Ask a Pol exclusive SCOOP

ML:Gillibrand’s planning a hearing over in the Senate with AARO. A public one…”

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AC: “We’ll see. Some of the groups are pushing for another one, but I’m not in a position to do it. So…”

ML: “Are you — you’d be okay with it if they did? I know you get nervous.”

AC: “We’ll see, we’ll see. Ask me after November comes.”

ML: “Well I’m curious — fair — well cause over in the Senate there’s a lot of complaints about this steady intrusion over US airspace…”  

AC: “That’s always a concern.”

ML: “…over military bases and nuclear facilities. Are you guys investigating that in your committee?”

AC: “Always a concern, my brother. National security is paramount, you know that.”

ML: “Yeah?”

AC: “From enemies foreign and domestic, my brother.”

ML: “Yup.”

AC: “Yes, sir.”

ML: “Preciate ya.”


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