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EXCLUSIVE — Burchett says either Speaker McCarthy or House Intel. leaders are lying about why they killed UAP select committee

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EXCLUSIVE — Burchett says either Speaker McCarthy or House Intel. leaders are lying about why they killed UAP select committee

Ep. 55 — Rep. Tim Burchett exclusively tells Ask a Pol, “It’s very odd that they say that, (9-20-2023)
Burchett leaving closed-door government funding talks in Majority Whip Tom Emmer’s office suite Tuesday. Photo: Matt Laslo

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) says there’s something fishy afoot in Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Capitol.

After learning of Ask a Pol’s exclusive reporting yesterday that UAPs have not come up in recent conversations between House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Jim Himes and committee Chair Mike Turner, Burchett says that flatly contradicts what Speaker McCarthy and his lieutenants told him when they rebuffed the bipartisan request for a House Select UAP Committee. 

“It’s very odd that they say that when I was told by the Speaker [Kevin McCarthy] that that was the reason why we couldn't have a select [UAP] committee, because we stepped on their toes,” Burchett exclusively tells Ask a Pol.  

Over Congress’ August recess, Burchett was led to believe the opposition came from Intel. Chair Turner and House Oversight Chair James Comer who exclusively told Ask a Pol last week, “I’m fine with a select committee.”

Burchett has his theories on why GOP leaders are quietly trying to stifle all the UFO energy that’s engulfed this Congress since a Chinese spy balloon invaded US air space in February.

Burchett and the congressional press corps. Photo: Matt Laslo

“I just think they don't want to address the UFO issue,” Burchett bemoaned before being mobbed by the press corps. “The war pimps at the Pentagon got too much money and too much, you know, and nobody's gonna slap their fat hand. Til I come along and I'm one of 435. I gotta get somebody else. Gotta get two of us up there.”*

*Burchett’s usual UFO investigative partner, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), is currently on maternity leave and reportedly fighting an infection, according to journalist Emily Brooks (and, seemingly, confirmed in a re-post from the congresswoman).

AUDIO: Rep. Tim Burchett & Matt Laslo (9-20-2023)


In the audio, after a minute of our private one-on-one interview just off the Capitol steps, you’ll hear, a throng of a dozen or so reporters, producers and camera folks come up behind me and swarm Burchett (rude).

I make sure to ask the first government shutdown drama question before I leave Burchett to the Infotainment Network piranhas of the press corps. 

For subscribers, below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s interview with Rep. Tim Burchett on 9-20-2023, slightly edited for clarity.

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