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EXCLUSIVE — Nancy Mace's takeaway from UFO hearing: "I want the hostile witness list"

EXCLUSIVE — Nancy Mace's takeaway from UFO hearing: "I want the hostile witness list"

Ep. 17 — Rep. Nancy Mace left this week's House Oversight Committee hearing with a list of questions than answers whistleblower David Grusch (7-26-2023)
Rep. Nancy Mace outside the House Oversight Committee UFO hearing. Photo: Matt Laslo

This week’s House UFO hearing was accompanied by plenty of eye rolls and un-funny alien puns, but Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) walked away from it energized and eager to continue investigating whistleblower David Grusch’s claims.

“He said he’d give me a hostile witness list,” Mace exclusively told Ask a Pol as she was exiting the hearing. “That’s the biggest thing out of that hearing.” 

Mace is related pilots, but she’s also the daughter of an army general and she was the first female to graduate from the Citadel. So her default is to trust veterans like Grusch, fmr. Navy pilot Ryan Graves (founder of Americans for Safe Aerospace) and retired US Navy commander David Fravor.

Mace trusts theme, so now she’s getting to work on verifying their accounts.

“I want the hostile witness list,” Mace said. “I would bring him in, either in a SCIF or transcribed interview or a hearing. He made these very heavy allegations, and if it's true, then we should be able to figure that out. But it'd be interesting to have other people in who can validate or corroborate what these pilots, commanders, intelligence officers were stating today.” 

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During our interview, Mace was accompanied by a young male staffer who the congresswoman thanked—”Good job”—for preparing her pre-hearing briefing and list of questions.

The congresswoman now has a list of her own questions.

“Is it an adversary? Is it an ally?” Mace asked. “Those are really important national security questions.”

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