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EXCLUSIVE — Rep. Nancy Mace: "I put a request in" to get House UFO witnesses in a SCIF

EXCLUSIVE — Rep. Nancy Mace: "I put a request in" to get House UFO witnesses in a SCIF

Ep. 59 — Rep. Nancy Mace says "Congress shouldn't be kept in the dark.” (9-20-2023)
UFO whistleblower David Grusch, fmr. Navy pilot Ryan Graves and retired US Navy commander David Fravor preparing to testify before House Oversight Committee July 26, 2023. Photo: Matt Laslo

Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s interview with Rep. Nancy Mace, slightly edited for clarity. The full audio is included for paid subscribers only for the first 48 hours, then it’s available to all, though a key snippet is public now.

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Matt Laslo: “How are you ma’am? You look lonely.” 

Nancy Mace: “Well, I’m trying to be alone. I’m purposefully trying to be lonely!”

Mace says while finishing sending a text message. 

NM: “How are you doing?” 

ML: “Not bad.” 

NM: “Alright. You know someone was shot there, right?” 

Mace says while pointing to a rust colored patch on the formerly white marble steps leading up to the House floor on the East side of the chamber. 

ML: “Really?”

NM: “That’s his blood from the 1800s—shot in the face.” 

ML: “Was it one of the duels?” 

NM: “By a reporter. The congressman was having an affair and the reporter was writing about it. He didn’t die on those steps, but he died of his wounds later…” 

ML: “I was curious, I saw you on the UAP Caucus?”

NM: “Caucus. Yeah.” 

ML: “Have you gotten answers after that hearing? Cause after that hearing you had a lot.” 

NM: “I have. I have spoken with one of the witnesses after the hearing and would like to continue to try to get answers. I'm trying to do it through HASC—the House Armed Services Committee. So to get waivers for any witnesses that want to get into a SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility], would need a waiver on TS/SCI [top secret or sensitive compartmented information] clearance or to be able to do that. Even though they have their clearances, they would need a waiver from the Pentagon to get into a SCIF, so I put a request in for that.” 

ML: “This is just a formal process that takes time?” 

NM: “Yeah. A formal process. Yeah, it takes time.” 

ML: “Do you—are you planning…?” 

NM: “Can we walk? Because I have votes.”  

ML: “Yeah. Like, would you want a select committee on this? Do you think that would be a good route?”  

NM: “I don’t know that we need one, but we might have to have one if Intel and Armed Services say well we can’t get down another layer, then we might have to. This isn't something that should just be swept under the rug, because I'd like to know how much money has been spent on these programs and what they're doing. And then, Congress shouldn't be kept in the dark.” 

ML: “Right?” 

NM: “Right.”

ML: “I was just asking Jim Himes—you know, top Dem. on Intel…”

NM: “They won’t do it.” 

ML: “...and he says UAPs haven’t even come up.” 

NM: “Yeah, they won't do it. My understanding is Intel won't do it.” 

ML: “Why is that?” 

NM: “I think, the next option, if Intel won’t do it, will be through Armed Services, and we'll see if there's an appetite for that. My understanding is that leadership does have an appetite. They're willing to support members who want to continue down this investigative path. That he’ll—that they'll support it, but I don't—trust but verify. So fact check that. But that's what I've been hearing rumor wise in the House.” 

ML: “And last question, because I know you’ve gotta jet, do you have any—any timeline you got on your requests?” 

NM: “No. I keep bugging.” 

ML: “Or it’s just Pentagon speed?” 

NM: “Oh, it’s Pentagon speed right now. So as soon as they say no—cause they’re gonna say no—I will very much make the public aware.”

ML: “Yeah?”  

NM: “Yeah.” 

ML: “Lemme know, ma’am. Preciate ya!”  


Matt Laslo’s a veteran congressional correspondent, new media prof. and founder of Ask a Pol — the people-powered press corps. 

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