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EXCLUSIVE — Sen. Bill Cassidy on UFO whistleblower David Grusch

EXCLUSIVE — Sen. Bill Cassidy on UFO whistleblower David Grusch

Ep. 141 — Sen. Bill Cassidy (7-26-2023)
Old Senate Chamber in US Capitol. Photo: Matt Laslo

Below fa rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive — and short! — interview with Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on UFO whistleblower David Grusch, slightly edited for clarity.

LISTEN: Laslo & Sen. Bill Cassidy


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TRANSCRIPT: Sen. Bill Cassidy (7-26-2023)

Matt Laslo: “How are you doing good sir?

Bill Cassidy: “How are you?”

ML: “One day at a time.”

BC: “Why are you here so late?”

ML: “Why are you here so late?”

BC: “Well, I’m voting.”

Laslo didn’t divulge that he’s pathetic and works 12-14 hour days regularly…

ML: “Random question. Have you ever heard of this UAP or UFO whistleblower, David Grusch?”

BC: “No.”

ML: “He testified in the House today. But Gillibrand’s investigating him over here with Armed Services and I guess Rubio.”

BC: “Invest in UFOs?”

ML: “Well, investigating. Because he worked for the federal government, he was an intelligence officer. What he claims is, the government has recovered craft. Which, prove it — show us. But his second claim is that federal government has a hidden SAP — a Special Access Program — that it’s lied to Congress about.”

BC: “Now, what’s special access?”

ML: “Something that I'm not allowed — probably something you have to see in the SCIF [secure compartmented information facility]. Well, I’m curious about that. What Rubio says is interesting. He says we've gotten a lot of these whistleblowers over the years, but he says this is the first one vetted by the Inspector General and then sent on to Congress.”

BC: “Well, I guess when he says special access program — special access to what?”

ML: “It feels like classified…”

BC: “This feels a little bit to, kind of like black bar.”*

*EDITOR’s NOTE: did we hear this correctly? Know what he’s referring to?

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ML: “Yeah. Hey, I’m a reporter, this is all way above my pay grade! I’m not allowed access to anything.”

They laugh."

ML: “Have a good one sir!”

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