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Thanks for getting him on the record! I have a few questions for some politicians..

I want to know if McCarthy is going to support the UAP sub committee that Burchett and Luna asked for

I also want Sen Gillibrand on the record. Last week, a video of her laughing at the wild claims by Grusch circulated on Twitter. She was quoted “idk if we’ll ever get to the bottom of this”. She is the fucking head of the armed services committee. She can subpoena anyone she wants. She can appoint a special envoy to be given unlimited DoD clearance to investigate Grusch’s claims - telling them to go where Grusch says the craft are hidden. I want to ask her why she hasn’t talked to Grusch yet, why Grusch hasn’t met with Dr Kirkpatrick yet, why she was laughing at the claims at a donor meeting, and what is her end game in all of this? If she’s serious about finding the truth, then appoint a special envoy and get that information now.

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