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EXCLUSIVE — Sen. Elizabeth Warren on David Grusch: “Not in my lane”

EXCLUSIVE — Sen. Elizabeth Warren on David Grusch: “Not in my lane”

Ep. 117 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (7-26-2023)

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren pops in to the Capitol to vote in the midst of her 2020 presidential bid. Photo: Matt Laslo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is known as a tenacious investigator and Senate interrogator, but she says UFO’s aren’t her “lane.”

Warren’s on the Senate Armed Services Committee (or SASC), which has jurisdiction over unclassified portions of UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s allegations. Still, over the summer — actually on the day Grusch testified publicly before the House Oversight Committee — Warren exclusively told Ask a Pol that Grusch isn’t on her radar.

“Nope. Not in my lane,” Warren told us.

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s interview with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, slightly edited for clarity.

US Capitol. Photo: Matt Laslo

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Matt Laslo: “Random question. Mind if I come up with you?”

Elizabeth Warren: “Yup.” 

I hop on “Senator’s Only” elevator, which is ushering Warren to a vote.

ML: “Random question: Have you heard of this UAP or UFO whistleblower, David Grusch?”

Warren shakes her head “no.” 

ML: “I didn’t think so. He testified in the House today.” 

Warren has a surprised look on face and keeps shaking head “no,” while actively not saying anything.

ML: “Oh, I know. That’s the answer I expected. Just curious.” 

EW: “Nope. Not in my lane.” 

ML: “Have a good one, ma’am. Preciate ya!”