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Aug 12, 2023·edited Aug 12, 2023

Why won't they comment? Because they know stuff and they are not allowed to talk about it. The people that play dumb also know stuff.

Anyone on the Intel Committee, minus Feinstein, plus Schumer and McConnell has direct knowledge of:

a. Everything Grusch has testified to publicly;

b. Every detail asked about at the July 26 hearing but was deferred to closed session;

c. Probably other things we can't even guess at.

It's possible this is also the case WRT the Armed Services Committee.

They will have had that knowledge since July 2022, over a year ago.

Since that time:

1. members of the Intel Committee proposed and passed in December 2022 the 2023 NDAA/IAA, which reorganized the UAPTF into AARO (and attempted to remove it from under the OUSD(I&S)), established the actual UFO whistleblower process that specifically called out UAP crash recoveries and reverse engineering (yes, it was set up after Grusch not before), and requested a historical report on a number of UAP topics, including "any efforts to obfuscate, manipulate public opinion, hide, or otherwise provide incorrect unclassified or classified information about unidentified anomalous phenomena or related activities."

2. Members of the Intel Committee and Armed Services Committee have proposed legislation that was included in the the 2024 NDAA/IAA that demanded that all US persons in possession of crashed UAP report them to the Federal Government within 60 days and make them available for inspection to AARO within 6 months. In addition, it prohibits the spending on any UAP programs involved in reverse engineering programs unless Congress knows about them.

3. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer proposed legislation that was included in the 2024 NDAA/IAA requiring a declassification process for UAP records and discusses NHI extensively (as you've previous interviewed Sen. Rounds regarding). As you also know, the legislative findings in this legislation are simply mind-boggling.

4. There are lots of other provisions that flew under the radar on the Senate 2024 NDAA/IAA (https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-bill/2670/text?s=6&r=1&q=%7B%22search%22:%5B%22national+defense+authorization+act%22%5D%7D). Like:

a. A reform of the whistleblower process (including the ability of whistleblowers to sue for leaks). This is a highly technical and detailed changing numerous things about the process. The amendment that is likely informed from recent experience;

b. Not 1, but 2 new laws reforming the entire classification system, making it easier to declassify things and more difficult to keep things classified for a long time (the "Classification Reform Act of 2023" and the "Sensible Classification Act of 2023"). These provisions are sweeping in their nature and go far beyond the Schumer amendment. No press coverage has occurred whatsoever;

c. Provisions regarding "Anomalous Health Incidents";

d. A requirement that the DoD received an unqualified opinion on its financial statements by October 1, 2027. Sounds like they are worried about "shady accounting." I wonder where they heard that?;

So in conclusion, notwithstanding the fact they are all saying they have never heard of Grusch, they have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about him over the last year.

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