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EXCLUSIVE — NASA Administrator Bill Nelson: "There could be life out there”

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EXCLUSIVE — NASA Administrator Bill Nelson: "There could be life out there”

EP. 245 — Sen. Bill Nelson (6-13-2024)
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson strolls through the US Capitol (6-13-2024). Photo: Matt Laslo


NASA Administrator Bill Nelson — former US Senator (D-FL)

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Ask a Pol asks:

How does NASA look at the issue of UAPs?

Key Nelson: 

“We have no evidence that there's any aliens, thus far, but that's what we're digging on Mars for, to see if there used to be life there. We brought back that sample from an asteroid, and we’re checking out the chemical components of water and carbon over there,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson exclusively tells Ask a Pol. “In a universe as big as this universe, there could be life out there.” 

ICYMI — US senator’s clueless


Caught our ear:

“They haven't concluded anything, but, of course, searching for life is one of the statutory requirements for NASA,” Nelson tells us. “Stay tuned.”

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‘AARO?’ Who…

How much did you guys work with AARO?

“With who?” NASA Administrator Nelson asks.

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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson pauses the US Capitol tour he’s personally giving astronauts to greet his former colleague, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). Photo: Matt Laslo

Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, slightly edited for clarity.


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TRANSCRIPT: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

SCENE: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson was quietly and casually strolling through the basement of his old haunt, the US Capitol where he served as a senator for three terms — ie, 18 years! — when Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo spotted him.

Mid-assigning-an-assignment to his summer interns, Laslo stopped talking, dropped previous plans to hit the exit and beelined it to Nelson, who greeted Laslo — who used to cover Congress for WLRN (Miami) & WFSU (Tallahassee) — with a broad smile.

Smile lasted longer than usual before withering on the Ask a Pol vine…

Matt Laslo: “Look at this young man.”

Bill Nelson: “How are you?”

ML: “How are you, sir? What brings you by here?”

BN: “I’m speaking to the Democratic luncheon.”

ML: “What are you speaking on?”

BN: “Space.”

ML: “Yeah, I know.”

Nelson chuckles.

ML: “Do you deal with the UAP issue much?” 

BN: “Oh, yeah.” 

ML: “Yeah?”

BN: “Yeah, we look at it.” 

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