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Great work again dude!!

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Comer could appoint a UAP panel or task force within the Oversight Committee, but is seems that he's not interested in pursuing any UAP action under the Oversight Committee, and would prefer it were responsibility of the House Science Committee.

It will be interesting to see what demonstrable actions Burchett, Luna, Burlison and Moskowitz make on this issue within the Oversight Committee in the new year. And if Comer maintains his support for the UAP issue, but prefers it outside of his committee.

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Hello, you may have seen a similar message to this already, but lll share it here in case you missed it.

It’s been said that the HPSCI is trying to remove the UAP legislation in the 2024 NDAA bill, which is led by Mike Turner. This bill hasn’t made it completely through the house yet. Mike has repeatedly squashed UAP transparency efforts either through stopping hearings, dismissing the topic overall, and attacking whistleblower David Grusch, who has done a great service to our country. Mike has stocks invested in multiple military, defense, aerospace companies, which may be a driver on why he is doing this.

Could you mention these concerns to some representatives or senate members, I guess so that they could mitigate this?



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