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The best part is when he says he's unaware of the SAPs that are being hidden from him lol

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Anyway, thank you for your service.

May the fourth estate be with you.

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Do they run off if you ask questions more than a few syllables in length? Like, after you’d thanked him for telling you how big space is, if you’d then said:

“Senator, why has the chair of your committee (Gillibrand) sponsored an amendment to legislation that requires the Department of Defense and its contractors supply Congress with a <quote> comprehensive list of all non-earth origin or exotic unidentified anomalous phenomena material <end quote> ?”

...Would he already be into the elevator by the time you’d finished asking the question?

See page 216:


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Not so dissimilar to when you had to bite your lip when interviewing coke-addled narcissist rock stars then..

Couple of questions, if i may - How do other journalists react to you chasing this topic? Are they sneering or resentful? ..Or kind of glad that someone’s asking so long as it ain’t them?

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