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Rep. Norman says Lue Elizondo "absolutely" corroborated David Grusch

Rep. Norman says Lue Elizondo "absolutely" corroborated David Grusch

Ep. 181 — Rep. Ralph Norman (2-15-2024)
Rep. Ralph Norman talks to NewsNation and Ask a Pol outside the SCIF Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024. Photo: Matt Laslo

UFO whistleblower David Grusch has a powerful new ally on Capitol Hill.

We ran into Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) as he was leaving the House SCIF [sensitive compartmented information facility] this morning. Our colleagues at NewsNation — and no other reporters — were there, so, as you’ll hear, before our exclusive interview with him, Ask a Pol founder Matt Laslo invited Norman over to talk to their camera.

Ask a Pol mostly listened to NewsNation and Norman discuss the classified material Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner made available to all members of the House of Representatives this week on Russia’s space program (which we’ve confirmed from other sources; not Rep. Norman).

Then Ask a Pol walked away with Norman where we inquired about the briefing the Conservative Opportunity Society received Wednesday from Lue Elizondo, two pilots — one who’s a veteran combat pilot who “took pictures,” according to Norman — and a scientist.

“It’s been portrayed by the media as crazies that are identifying unidentified flying objects, but it’s not,” Norman exclusively told Ask a Pol. “He’s been doing this 30-some years. Combat veteran. Very qualified. I’m gonna have him back. In fact, we may open it up. Everybody ought — y’all ought to know it — everybody should.”

“I heard he corroborated what the whistleblower, David Grusch, testified to this summer?” Laslo inquired.

“Absolutely,” Norman replied to Ask a Pol. “Yes.”

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Matt Laslo: “So I heard that you had a little visitor yesterday. Lue Elizondo?” 

Ralph Norman: “Oh yeah.”

ML: “That you brought him in? What made you reach out or get connected with him?” 

RN: “I had heard — well, I’d heard about him. One, he's an expert. And that's another thing, I'm gonna bring him back. Everybody, you young people over here, particularly, because we've got a real problem. This isn’t playland. He told us about the facts of the matter about what's happening. And that too, was concerning. And he wouldn't give any classified things, as you would expect, but my God, it's, I guess, we're just gonna be unprepared and just take it. This isn't political. This isn't politics for you, young people. Of course, it affects all of us, young and old.”

ML: “Do you — what was the heart of his talk? Was it on SAPs, Special Access Programs?”

RN: “Yeah.”

ML: “Or was it broader?”

RN: “It was broad. He spoke for 20 minutes. At COS we start at eight, he talks for 20 minutes, and then we ask him questions. And, you know, where's the funding coming from from the government? It's been portrayed by the media as crazies that are identifying, you know, unidentified flying objects, but it’s not. He’s been doing this 30-some years. Combat veteran. Very qualified. I’m gonna have him back. In fact, we may open it up. Everybody ought — y’all ought to know it — everybody should.”

ML: “Public? Even Dems?” 

RN: “Yeah.”

ML: “Interesting. Because I heard he corroborated what the whistleblower, David Grusch, testified to this summer?”

RN: “Yeah.”

ML: “Interesting.”

RN: “You got to realize that he has no reason to do this. He gets no rewards. He’s not getting paid. He comes up here free of charge and is sending us all the slides. A lot of it is — most of us did not understand, other than it's real. And we have to take — we have to know about it. The American people need to know about it.”

ML: “What was the most surprising thing you heard from him?”

RN: “The pilots. He brought in two pilots that had actually witnessed it. Seen it. He showed slides of it. Which was unbelievable.”

ML: “So it was him and the two pilots? Navy pilots?”

RN: “It was four people. Had a scientist. Had a combat pilot that had flown missions and reported what he saw and took pictures. So this isn’t some figment of our imagination.” 

ML: “You gonna bring it up to Speaker Johnson? Everything’s been stalled since the [Grusch] hearing.” 

RN: “He's got his plate full. Whether he wants to hear about this or not, I don’t know.”

ML: “He still getting his training wheels on for something else?” 

RN: “He's trying. He's doing his best.”

ML: “Yeah? That's interesting, though. Were you a part of the Oversight hearing this summer?”

Norman nods yes.

ML: “Because we haven't really heard much.”

RN: “No, no, no. I take that [back] — I was not part of that. I was on Oversight at one time, but not — I didn't hear any of this this summer.” 

ML: “Because they testified in July and then we haven't really heard much on it, and it's interesting that is now coming from you and from a different group than the UAP Caucus..” 

RN: “Yes. These are — our group, we’re not experts in this field. But the information is what needs to be out there.” 

ML: “Interesting.”

RN: “And I want to have him back, and he's got a lot to say. He's real careful not to breach the top secret clearance.”

ML: “Well, isn't that where there's overlap with what you just got down in the SCIF?” 

RN: “I won’t comment on that.” 

ML: “But this whole conversation about declassification and over-classification?” 

RN: “Correct.”

ML: “And that’s where…”

RN: “Well, the seriousness of it. That's what's shocking. This isn't playland. It really isn’t, but amazing.” 

ML: “But do you think the American people can handle a lot of this information that's currently classified?”

RN: “Well, whether they can handle it or not, it's up to them. You can research anything. It's up to the American people to decide. Freedom of the press. Freedom of speech. Let them take — I couldn't decipher everything he had. In an hour you couldn't do that, but it's up to me to get those who can decipher and walk us through it. And he did a hell of a job.”

ML: “Interesting. As always, preciate you sir.”

RN: “Have a good weekend.”

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