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Rep. Veasey: UAPs absent House NDAA markup (ANNOUNCEMENT: Burchett's back LIVE w/ Laslo THIS WEEK!)

Rep. Veasey: UAPs absent House NDAA markup (ANNOUNCEMENT: Burchett's back LIVE w/ Laslo THIS WEEK!)

Ep. 243 — Rep. Marc Veasey (5-23-2024) & PSA: Ask a Pol's ANNOUNCING LIVE Listening w/ UAP Caucus Co-chair (details below)



Congressional UAP Caucus Co-chair Tim Burchett

ICYMI — Burchett was signaling YOU, fam!


LIVE Listening w/ Laslo & a Lawmaker session*

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Congressional UAP Caucus Co-chair Tim Burchett agreeing to do another Ask a Pol Live Listening w/ Laslo session. THIS. WEEK. Subscribe for latest details.


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Rep. Marc Veasey (D-TX) — Armed Services and Energy & Commerce Committees

LISTEN: Laslo & Veasey  


Ask a Pol asks of HASC NDAA markup, Day 2:

Have UAPs come up at all in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act — or NDAA — markup in the House Armed Services Committee (aka HASC)?

Key Veasey: 

“No. They have not. No,” Rep. Marc Veasey exclusively tells Ask a Pol


ICYMI — Ask a Pol’s exclusive w/ Sen. Mike Rounds who tells us Senate UAPDA negotiations are a go

Caught our ear:

“No,” Veasey tells us. 

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Rep. Marc Veasey (D-TX), slightly edited for clarity.

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TRANSCRIPT: Rep. Marc Veasey

SCENEThursday, for the second day in a row, in the midst of an ongoing markup of this year’s sweeping and expansive NDAA Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo asks for a quick UAP update from House Armed Services Committee — aka HASC — member Rep. Marc Veasey.

Both of our interviews (only one of which we have time to drop now. Sorry!!!) occurred during a vote of the entire House of Representatives. Other than those votes, HASC members were all but locked inside their markup.

The Capitol grounds are chaotic. Bulky Black SUVs. A herds of reporters there. A sporadic sleek sedan. An occasional whizzing hybrid. An occasional lone wolf reporter like Laslo lurking in the sun-drenched shadows, with quick follow-up questions only.

When Congress is out, Congress is OUT!

We’re different. On. Purpose.

Matt Laslo: “Did UAPs come up?”

In the whizzing chaos, Laslo instantly senses — ie, knows — the congressman misheard the question.

Marc Veasey: “Yeah, it did.”

Laslo now knows the congressman missed the full question.

ML: “In the markup…”

MV: “Which one?”

ML: “UAPs?”

MV: “No. They have not. No.”

ML: “No?”

MV: “Naw.”

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ML: “Interesting.”

Veasey shakes head no.

ML: “Yeah?”

MV: “Yeah.”

ML: “I’ll be watching.”

MV: “Yeah, I bet.”

ML: “Preciate ya.”

Happy Memorial Day!

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Thanks for your service.

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