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EXCLUSIVE — Nancy Mace says DOD "won't provide any information” on UAPs

EXCLUSIVE — Nancy Mace says DOD "won't provide any information” on UAPs

Ep. 72 — Rep. Nancy Mace says HASC or HPSCI better suited than Oversight Committee for UFO investigation (10-26-2023)

Fresh off helping oust now former-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) says it’s past time to upend the current House investigation into UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, according to NASA, or UFOs, according to Wiki).

Mace was the third lawmaker to leave yesterday’s classified UAP briefing underneath the Capitol, breezing past a stationery—due to arcane rules, mind you—TV camera crew before Ask a Pol caught up with the frustrated second-term lawmaker railing against “one of the most worthless classified briefings I've ever been in.”

“Very little information that was relevant. Typical classified briefing. Much ado about nothing, because they won't provide any information,” Mace told Ask a Pol of the bipartisan briefing in a House SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). “It's all compartmentalized, I guess, would be the best way to describe it. Siloed.”

Mace maintains an unusually high perch in this relatively new (publicly, at least) space on Capitol Hill.

As a member of both the House Oversight—which hosted this summer’s hearing with UFO whistleblower David Grusch—and Armed Services Committees, Mace tells Ask a Pol the current Oversight-driven investigation isn’t working.

“I think that this needs to shift to, like, House Armed Services,” Mace told us. “I guess, maybe, I look at the jurisdiction of Oversight versus HASC [House Armed Services Committee], and some of this may need to be elevated to a HASC classified briefing. You know, it’s different folks within DOD—is sort of my inclination coming out of there.”

If not HASC, Mace says it should be HPSCI (or the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence), because the bulk of the 435 members who comprise the US House of Representatives don’t have clearances to view classified info.

“We're not gonna get as much at the level we are right now,” Mace says. “I think this needs to be done either on Intel or on Armed Services, because there’s so much members need to get read into if you don’t have the right clearances.” 

In July, Mace was heated exiting the House Oversight Committee hearing with Grusch—"I want the hostile witness list"—and other whistleblowers. She hasn’t seemed to let up since.

That’s why the Citadel graduate has already moved past whoever the white men in black (and one blue…) suits the Pentagon brass sent to brief House members Thursday.

“It's not just about little green men. It’s about funding and programs that Congress is, taxpayers are paying for and we have no idea,” Mace says. “So, you know, some of that transparency will be a difference, especially for funding mechanisms for requesting extra dollars.”

Interview on UAPs ends about 2:05 mins, then we discuss Speaker Mike Johnson (separate feature…shhh).

Left it in cause, I inquire as to whether former-Speaker Kevin McCarthy is “a godless Californian” or not.

And you know, if you ask it, it’s true (@ Roger Stone with complaints!).

BONUS PICS: “That’s his blood from the 1800s—shot in the face

At the start of our last Mace exclusive in September, the congresswoman pointed out a historical blood stain—“You know someone was shot there, right?”—that’s now one with the marble stair case on the east side of the Capitol leading to the House floor.

Neither here nor anywhere, but we felt bad for playing Mace recounting the murderous shooting without providing equally spine-tingling pics.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ)—a US Senate candidate—descends towards the historic bloodstain from the 1800s. Photo: Matt Laslo

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