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Intel Chair Mark Warner unaware Gillibrand's planning a Senate UAP hearing

Intel Chair Mark Warner unaware Gillibrand's planning a Senate UAP hearing

Ep. 248 — Sen. Mark Warner (6-18-2024)
Sen. Mark Warner rides tram from Capitol back to his office (file photo: 2023). Photo: Matt Laslo


Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) — Chair, Senate Intelligence Committee

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Ask a Pol asks:

Any thoughts on this upcoming public Senate UAP — aka, UFO — hearing being planned by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)?

Key Warner

“Let me do a little research, and I’d be happy to share my thoughts after I do that,” Warner exclusively tells Ask a Pol

ICYMI — Gillibrand wants Senate UFO hearing

Caught our eye: Asked about incursions over Langley…

Warner holds up a peace sign, turns around and walks away…

Follow-up: Laslo’s email seeking clarity from Warner

Email Laslo sent to Warner’s team Friday morning, June 21, 2024. We’ll let you know if they reply.

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), slightly edited for clarity.

TRANSCRIPT: Sen. Mark Warner

SCENE: Warner’s walking through the Capitol’s basement when Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo runs into him and proceeds to hop an elevator with him. As the interview wraps up, the Intel Chair refuses to say a word, flashes a peace sign to Laslo, then turns and joins his fellow Democrats for their weekly party lunch.

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NOTE: Laslo was heading home but turned around upon spotting Warner, so initially his mic is off…

Matt LasloGillibrand tells me she’s “…planning a UAP hearing in the Senate, either July or September.”

Warner’s eyes are expressive, if blank, as if he’s learning something new. It’s quickly evident he’s not talking, so Laslo fills the void.

ML: “She wants to have AARO [All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office] come in. She said she want’s AARO to explain to the American public how they've tracked some of these unknown objects, but then also to get into the ones that they can’t identify. It seems like you're pretty convinced that the ones they can't identify are nothing anyone should worry about?”

Laslo laughs at Warner’s silence as a Senate attendant directs people in the background.

Mark Warner: “Let me do a little research, and I’d be happy to share my thoughts after I do that.” 

ML: “Well, have these — I mean, [Sen. Tim] Kaine brought it up to the Joint Chiefs, the intrusions over Langley with all the drones.”

OOPS ALERT: Laslo misspoke; Kaine pressed the commanders of USNORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM on incursions over Langley earlier this year.

MW: “Yeah, that is something….”

ML: “[Sen. Mark] Kelly brought up Luke Air Force Base. But they’re convinced that these are foreign nations. So I mean, are we gonna have that conversation with the American people?” 

Intel Chair Mark Warner stands there silent until he holds up a peace sign.

ML: “Peace?”

Warner then turns and enters Democrat’s weekly ‘policy’ lunch, as Laslo describes the scene into his mic.

ML: “Peace sign from the Chair.”

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