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Rep. Andy Ogles says AARO SCIF briefing left him "unimpressed, as usual"

Rep. Andy Ogles says AARO SCIF briefing left him "unimpressed, as usual"

Ep. 226 — Rep. Andy Ogles (4-17-2024)
Rep. Andy Ogles speaks with television crew outside House Oversight hearing with UFO whistleblower David Grusch (July 2023). Photo: Matt Laslo


Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) — Congressional UAP Caucus

LISTEN: Laslo & Ogles


Ask a Pol asks:

How are you feeling after the AARO SCIF briefing?

Key Ogles: 

“Unimpressed, as usual,” Rep. Andy Ogles exclusively tells Ask a Pol

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Rep. Andy Ogles (R-IN), slightly edited for clarity.

TRANSCRIPT: Rep. Andy Ogles

SCENE: Ogles leaves the SCIF with UAP Caucus Co-chairs Anna Paulina Luna and Tim Burchett who both avoid NewsNation’s camera and crew. Their attempt to avoid Ask a Pol’s Matt Laslo fails — as he laughed to their faces! — as they tried to escape by hopping one of the slowest elevators we’ve ever ridden.

Laslo address the UAP Caucus Co-chairs first.

Matt Laslo: “You running?”

ICYMI — Ask a Pol’s exclusive w/ UAP Caucus Co-chairs Burchett & Luna 

ML: “How’d it go?”

Burchett from a distance: “I have nothing to report, brother.”

Luna, further distance: “Nothing burger.”

ML: “How did it go in there?”

Andy Ogles: “I’ll let Burchett and Luna answer that question.”

ML: “These elevators are terribly slow. I’m gonna beat them up there.”

AO: “There you go.”

ML: “I’ve been here 18 years. Y’all can’t hide from me. Are you — how are you feeling though?”

AO: “Unimpressed, as usual.”

Rep. Ogles laughs.

ML: “Yeah? Like they weren’t forthcoming or that…?”

AO: “Oh, I’ll hold comment on that.”

ML: “Yeah?”

AO: “Well, get my steps in then.”

End scene.

Scene 2

Intro of Ask a Pol’s exclusives with Luna and Burchett picks up where this Ogles exchange ends…


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