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Rep. Patrick McHenry: "I’m going back to chair a [committee] hearing"

Rep. Patrick McHenry: "I’m going back to chair a [committee] hearing"

Ep. 17 — Rep. Patrick McHenry (4-10-2024)
Rep. Patrick McHenry talks to the congressional press corps in the Old House Chamber during the speaker debacle of 2023. Photo: Matt Laslo


Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) — Chair, House Financial Services Committee*

*served as acting-speaker — technically speaker pro tempore — of the US House of Representatives after 8 Republicans ousted former Speaker Kevin McCarthy

LISTEN: Laslo & McHenry


Ask a Pol asks:

Wanna talk crypto?

Key McHenry: 

McHenry smiles but says nothing.

“No comments,” Rep. Patrick McHenry tells reporters as he rushes out of a contentious GOP Conference meeting on his way to chair a Financial Services Committee hearing.

Caught our ear:

“ ,” Rep. McHenry tells us.

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ICYMI — Ask a Pol’s exclusive w/ Rep. Patrick McHenry from December 2023

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), slightly edited for clarity.


TRANSCRIPT: Rep. Patrick McHenry

SCENE: McHenry’s just left a closed-door Republican Conference meeting where lawmakers were at each other’s throats over what to do about FISA — ie warrantless wiretapping — and Ukraine aid.

Hanging over it all was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) motion to vacate Speaker Mike Johnson, just as eight Republicans did last fall to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Reporter #1 asks question off mic.

Patrick McHenry: “No comments.”

Reporter #1: “No comments?”

PM: “Nope.”

Reporter #1: “You want the speaker’s job again?”

McHenry keeps walking and says nothing.

Reporter #2: “Can I just have a second?”

PM: “Nope.”

Reporter #2: “Do you think FISA’s coming up today on the floor?”

PM: “I’m going back to chair a hearing at the Financial Services Committee.”

Matt Laslo: “Wanna talk crypto?”

McHenry smiles but says nothing.

Reporter #3: “Mr. McHenry, can I ask you a HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] question?”

McHenry says nothing and enters elevator.

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