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Luna says UAP Caucus "working on doing something with USO" for next public House hearing — Underwater Submerged Objects

Luna says UAP Caucus "working on doing something with USO" for next public House hearing — Underwater Submerged Objects

Ep. 235 — Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (5-1-2024)
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna surrounded by the congressional press corps just feet away from the US Capitol. Photo: Matt Laslo


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) — Co-chair, Congressional UAP Caucus

LISTEN: Laslo & Luna


Ask a Pol asks:

Any update on the House UAP hearing?

Key Luna: 

“We’re working on doing something with USO [Underwater Submerged Objects],* so we’re talking to some people,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna exclusively tells Ask a Pol

*Another UAP Caucus member confirmed to Ask a Pol there’s a Navy whistleblower who the Congressional UAP Caucus is in talks with about publicly testifying. Unclear if they’re active duty or a veteran. Still no date set.


Stay tuned…and let us know what questions we should be asking your lawmakers!

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Below find a rough transcript of Ask a Pol’s exclusive interview with Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), slightly edited for clarity.

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TRANSCRIPT: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna

SCENE: The House had just held its last vote of the week (on Wednesday, mind you…), and Luna came down the Capitol steps and hopped in a staffer’s awaiting car where Ask a Pol caught her real quick before she shut the door and headed to the airport.

Matt Laslo: “How are you, ma’am?”

Anna Paulina Luna: “Hi, what’s going on?”

ML: “I don’t know, you tell me!”

Luna laughs.

ML: “What’s up with MTG and the motion to vacate next week?”

APL: “I don’t think it’s gonna go anywhere, to be honest with you.”

ML: “Yeah? Not feeling it?”

APL: “Well, it’s — yeah, there’s — I don’t think so.”

ML: “Any update on UAP hearing?”

APL: “We’re working on doing something with USO, so we’re talking to some people.”

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Luna shuts car door and gets wicked off to the airport.

ML: “Cool, cool. Have a good one.”

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